TCA is an advisory firm that is proud to provide business, investment, immigration and settlement consultancy services to its customers. We are committed to help our clients to plan, launch, manage and develop their businesses in Canada. We enable them to make their dream a reality by providing unique services in market research, business plan, business registration, business operation standards development, business law, financial analysis, recruiting and managing human resources, etc. Our team consists of professional business consultants, business analysts, investment consultants, financial analysts, start-up consultants, technology developers and recruiters. We are motivated, supportive and dedicated to help your dream come true! We also help international immigrants who are planning to Canada by providing unique immigration and settlement services. We are committed to help our clients in the pre-arrival, arrival, and post arrival of their immigration process. We enable them to make their dream a reality by providing unique services, such as pre-arrival planning, settlement planning, investment consultancy, real estate, business development, career planning, academic planning, etc.



The goal of our team in TCA is creating exceptional experience for our clients taking into account their needs, decisions and priorities. We are proud to have a team of professional and experienced consultants in the following areas:

• Business Analytics and Development

• Start-ups

• Investment

• Finance

• Risk

• Marketing

• Customer Relationship Management

• Technology Development

• HR Management

• Recruitment

• IT

• Business Law

• Real Estate

• Settlement

• Immigration



We believe in providing the best service to our customers.

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We have excellent, consistent and quality business operations.

Continuous Growth

Growth is always happening at TCA because of our awesome services.


We are well-equipped with a team of responsive experts. 

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We offer quality services with affordable prices.

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We go beyond meeting our customers’ needs.

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We provide fast services and also assure the quality.